Monday, June 17, 2013

Another Big Announcement

So... I am not sure where to begin. Since Matt and I have been married, we have always planned on adding to our family through adoption. Around Memorial Day, we attended our first adoption meeting. We were very informed at the meeting, and when we got home, we began filling out the paperwork. A few days later, I called a family member, and they began to tell me about this little baby that needed a temporary home. Matt and I didn't hesitate. We both felt it was the right decision to accept this little guy into our family. For now, we are uncertain on how long he will be with us. Our family has a heart for adoption, but God has the whole plan layed out.  My type A personality would normally be crazy trying to control the situation, but I feel totally at peace sitting in a place of limbo. I know it must be God. This sweet baby was dropped off at our house Sunday afternoon, and we will just love him and care for him until God's plan is complete. I do not plan on making this adventure too public because there are so many variables up in the air. I just wanted to let those close to me in on what is happening with our family. Our family needs continual prayer for peace.

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